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Support Sinfonia Cymru to give young musicians the very best start to their professional careers. As a Sinfonia Cymru Patron you will join our community of supporters, with opportunities to join us at concerts, get backstage news and announcements, attend occasional special events, go behind the scenes, and meet our players.

You can become a Patron from as little as £10 per month. Many people choose to give more – our Patrons typically give £600, £240, or £120 per year. Donations can be made on a monthly or annual basis.

How to make your gift
Set up a standing order / make a bank transfer / send a cheque:
for any of these options please download the form below, complete the relevant sections and email or post it back to us.

Sinfonia Cymru Supporter & Gift Aid Form

Set up regular payments by debit or credit card: please click on the ‘Donate’ button below and select the option to make monthly or annual payments. We are able to accept payments by debit and credit.

Donate through a charitable trust or with a CAF voucher: if you donate to a number of charities, you may choose to donate via a corporate or personal trust or you may have a Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) account. As a registered charity (No. 1058196) we’re pleased to accept gifts in this way. Please download the form on this page, complete the relevant sections and email or post it back to us.

Make a one-off donation
You can make a one-off donation by clicking the ‘Donate’ button, below.

Donate to Sinfonia Cymru

Gift Aid
Donations to Sinfonia Cymru are eligible for Gift Aid. This means that we’re able to reclaim the tax on your support at no extra cost to you. This is very important to us as it means we can increase the value of your gift by 25%. For example, with Gift Aid a £100 donation will be worth £125, or a £600 gift will be worth £750. You just need to be a UK taxpayer and pay UK income or capital gains tax to the value we (and any other eligible charities you support) will claim on your donation. If you’re eligible please tick the Gift Aid box if you’re donating online or fill in the Gift Aid section of the form if you’re using post or email.

Other ways to support Sinfonia Cymru
There are other ways in which you can support Sinfonia Cymru:

  • Leave a legacy
  • Make a gift in someone’s honour
  • Payroll or Match Giving

Thank you
Thank you to everyone who supports Sinfonia Cymru – your donations give our players the very best start to their careers.

More information
To find out more about any aspect of support for Sinfonia Cymru, please contact Caroline Tress, Chief Executive.


"It was so great working with you all, I’m so happy we managed to make it all work, especially after the snowy setback."
–Amy Wheel BBC R3 Producer

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