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The UK’s leading under 30s orchestra. A new generation of live music.

Sinfonia Cymru is not your average orchestra. We like to do things differently. Sticking to the rule book and following the crowd? It simply isn’t for us. For a start, all our players are under 30. Many of them take the helm and lead our projects, dancing between classical and modern styles, exploring their creativity and challenging norms.

We put some of the most talented, professional musicians in the UK on the stage they deserve, so that they can build their careers and develop their musicianship. In return, they bring a special spark to their music-making, creating performances bursting with energy, excitement and power. This is music the way it’s meant to be experienced.

Sometimes we’re traditional in our approach to concerts – you’ll find us performing everything from small string ensembles to extraordinary full symphony works. On the other hand, we love pushing musical boundaries with intimate musical performances in a range of dynamic styles – jazz, soul-funk, world music and much more.

The best bit? We bring this new generation of live music to you. Remarkable musical experiences, designed and delivered by the best young musicians, for audiences in Wales and beyond.

Our mission is to develop these exceptional young musicians and give them the opportunity to truly launch their careers. In doing this, we bring awe-inspiring live music and an unflinching atmosphere to people in unexpected settings.

But we cannot do this alone. Experience a fresh approach to live music with Sinfonia Cymru and become a part of our incredible community.

"It was so great working with you all, I’m so happy we managed to make it all work, especially after the snowy setback."
–Amy Wheel BBC R3 Producer

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