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Rossini, Mendelssohn, Koechlin, Gambaro

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Let four of our star wind musicians warm up your December with joyful and radiant music for a quartet that might be a less familiar combination than its string quartet cousin, but one which will dazzle you with its range of colours and almost vocal qualities. Both Vicenzo Gambaro and Felix Mendelssohn fill their music with light and songful tunes that range from playful and amusing to touching and lyrical, whilst Charles  Koechlin’s more eclectic style contrasts contemplative, beautifully winding melodies with a lively fugue that just might get your foot tapping. Finally, Rossini’s Variations show off the virtuosity of our musicians as each has their moment in the spotlight to take on Rossini’s imaginative reworkings of an initial melody that could have come straight out of one of his operas.

Imogen Royce  – Flute 

Emily Wilson – Clarinet

Danae Eggen – Horn

Matt Kitteringham – Bassoon


  1. Gambaro Quartet in F
  2. Mendelssohn Children's Pieces
  3. Koechlin Trio
  4. Rossini Andante and Theme with Variations

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