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Musician Profile: Abel Selaocoe

Published Tuesday 28 July 2020

Name: Abel Selaocoe

Sinfonia Cymru Member: 2016 – present

Instrument: Cello

About Abel: Every now and then you come across an artist who can truly be described as unique – Abel Selaocoe is one such person. He worked with us at the beginning of his career and we soon realised his interest in stretching boundaries and challenging musical expectations.  Sinfonia Cymru gave him a range of opportunities that have shaped his musical direction – he worked on Birdsong / Can Yr Adar with Kizzy Crawford and Gwilym Simcock, three Curate programmes including his own, MotherTongue, a project with Seckou Keita, and our collaboration with world music group Kabantu, which he co-founded. His programmes are strongly influenced by his ability to seamlessly cross musical genres and styles and his inimitable style communicates powerfully with audiences.

Previous Sinfonia Cymru Projects: Birdsong / Can Yr Adar, MotherTongue

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