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Scandinavian Strings

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Let’s do lunch!

Our lunchtime concerts are just an hour long, but like any good lunch, we hope they’ll leave you hungry for more! Maybe you’re a classical connoisseur, or maybe you fancy sampling classical music for the first time. Our lunchtime concerts are a fantastic taster menu of what we’re all about at Sinfonia Cymru, bringing you high-quality music by the finest young musicians in the country and beyond!

Sam Staples Violin

Haim Choi Violin

Fran Gilbert Viola

Ben Tarlton Cello


  1. Hugo Wolf Serenade in G major, Italian Serenade
  2. Edvard Greig String Quartet in g minor, op. 27
  3. Traditional Danish Minuet no. 60
  4. Fredrik Sjölin Intermezzo
  5. Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen Shine You No More

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